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Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP (Low-income home energy assistance program) funds will be made available through your local Community Action Agency. Contact information for the various counties is listed below, along with the household income guidelines for eligibility. The income level represents the amount of gross income the household may not exceed to be eligible for assistance.


Jennings and Scott Counties                                     Washington County

OVO Community Action Agency                                   Hoosier Uplands

Telephone: 812-265-5858                                            Telephone: 812-849-4457


Jackson County                                                         Clark County

Human Services, Inc.                                                   Community Action of Southern Indiana

Telephone: 812-522-8718                                             Telephone: 812-288-6451


Greene and Daviess Counties                                    Monroe County

PACE Community Action Agency                                  South Central Community Action Agency

Telephone: 812-882-7927                                            Telephone: 812-339-3447



Household Income Guidelines

Size of Family Unit       Household Income                  Size of Family Unit       Household Income

            1                                  $27,827                                 5                                $62,077

            2                                  $36.390                                 6                                $70,639

            3                                  $44.952                                 7                                $72,245

            4                                  $53.515                                 8                                $73,850