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How to read your bill How to read your bill


How is my deposit determined?

A customer deposit is calculated by reviewing the most recent activity of the account usage.  The amount is generally one-third of the expected annual bill.  A customer may be exempted from a deposit if they can demonstrate a good pay record with two prior utilities.  A good pay record is where the customer has not had more than two late payments in the most recent twelve months of billings.


If my gas is turned off for the summer, why do I owe a monthly facilities charge for those months?

There are various reasons for this condition.  The monthly facilities charge covers fixed costs incurred by Midwest regardless of the customer’s consumption.  Primarily, it has to do with contractual terms Midwest maintains with its two interstate pipeline providers.  Midwest is required to pay reservation, or demand, charges to the pipelines to maintain capacity on the pipeline all year round.  This cost is paid for the benefit of all customers who want a warm home on the coldest day of the year.  Since that cost is paid to the pipelines monthly, the service charge is collected for all months to equitably allocate the cost to all customers.  In addition, there are investment and maintenance costs for the service during the months when service is disconnected.


Midwest’s General Terms and Conditions of service describe that when a customer re-establishes service at the same location within twelve months, that customer is responsible for monthly service charges for the months where service is disconnected. 


Why do I have to be home to have my gas service turned on?

Our trained service personnel go through specific steps to establish service.  This includes making sure each natural gas appliance is operating correctly and any air that may have entered the line is purged from the line.  This requires service personnel to “cycle” the appliance inside the home to make sure that when they leave, your appliances are operating safely and efficiently.


Why must I call 811 to have my service line located?

Whenever any digging or excavation is planned around your residence, the law requires a call to Indiana 811 two working days before work begins.  This allows Midwest time to locate the service line so that anyone digging will not cut the line causing an outage to you, and perhaps personal injury or even death to themselves or others.  Mechanized equipment is not allowed to be used within two feet of the outside edge of the pipeline.  Be sure to observe this requirement even when performing routine landscaping or even driving stakes in the ground. 


Will Midwest service personnel repair my natural gas appliance?

Midwest does not repair appliances.  Many times work on an appliance by someone other than a licensed heating and plumbing contractor will invalidate the warranty on items.  We recommend contacting the licensed contractor to perform this work.


How much does it cost to have service extended to my home?

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) requires regulated utilities to establish service extension guidelines to determine whether a cost is charged to the customer(s) requesting service.  The cost of the extension is compared to the expected revenue to be gained from that extension.  Many times the service is extended at no cost to the customer.  When the cost of the extension exceeds the revenue test as approved by the IURC, the customer is asked to make a contribution in aid of construction.


How are my gas rates determined?

There are two primary components in the cost of natural gas to customers.  The first is what is called the utility’s base rates.  These rates are authorized by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and do not change unless the utility receives a new rate order.  These rates are listed in the General Terms and Conditions.  The second primary driver is the Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) Factor.  The factor is stated on your monthly bill and includes the cost of delivering natural gas to the Midwest system.  The GCA factor includes the commodity cost of natural gas as purchased from our supplier, as well as pipeline delivery charges (e.g. transportation, compressor fuel).  The GCA factor is also approved by the IURC and is generally “flexed” monthly to reflect the most accurate cost information.



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