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Tariffs & Rates

Midwest Natural Gas is a regulated utility.  Gas rates are approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.  The Company cannot adjust gas rates without approval from this commission.  A copy of all rates, rules, and regulations under which the service will be supplied is available upon request.

Click here for natural gas tariff documentation.

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New Tariff Legal Notice

Legal Notice
To all customers of Midwest Natural Gas Corporation: Please take note that the Company has
filed revised tariffs with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to change its rates to begin to
implement the revised federal income tax rate paid by the Company. Such revised tariff is being
filed pursuant to the Indiana Utility Commission’s Order in Cause No. 45032 issued on February
16, 2018. The impact on your bill will vary based on the amount of usage. However, the federal
income tax rate being used is included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017. The Company
believes this change will be a decrease in the bills previously paid by you. The Company believes
that this change will be approved by the Indiana Utility Commission in May of this year and will
then be implemented in the Company’s June billing to you.

If you have any questions about this Notice please contact the Company at:
Midwest Natural Gas Corporation
101 South East Third Street
P.O. Box 520
Washington, IN 47501
(812) 254-5087

Or you may contact the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission at:

Secretary to the IURC
PNC Center
101 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-2701

Or you may contact the Office of Utility Consumer Counselor at:

Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
PNC Center
115 West Washington Street
Suite 1500 South
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-2494