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Monthly Rate Tracking

Midwest Natural Gas Corporation
Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) Rate Tracking Factor
The following GCA Rate Tracking Factors are applicable to all customer volumes (therms) billed
under Tariffs "A", "B"and "C".  The factor is approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
  Applicable       GCA      
      Month       Factor     Status
  July-19        $  0.36750 per therm   Updated
  June-19            0.37334     Updated
  May-19            0.35843     Final
  April-19            0.36043     Final
  March-19            0.42368     Final
  February-19            0.46082     Final
  January-19            0.46831     Final
  December-18            0.46191     Final
  November-18            0.40301     Final
  October-18            0.42582     Final
  September-18            0.41103     Final
  August-18            0.38846     Final
  July-18            0.44829     Final